Very much like fashion, in SOCIAL MEDIA:


1) Facebook (2004)


What is it? you’re kidding, right?

What do people do on facebook? SHARE and LIKE posts, pictures, videos, games, links, etc.

Marketing opportunities:
– Access to billions of people worldwide, and 1.3billion active users monthly (link)
– Platform to share various media: words, photos, videos, weblinks, apps
– Purchased instagram, whatsapp, and recently oculus(what?)
– See a list of how companies utilized Facebook in their digital marketing efforts (link)

mrsiew’s verdict:

It’s now the “starter pack” to social media, if you’ve not used or heard of it, YOU’RE OUT. I started using it since 2008 and has never let a day pass without surfing it at least once. “Facebook” has even become a verb where you can use in a sentences like “Did you facebook him?” or “Please facebook me at”. (Also, Facebook bought over Instagram ,a personal biased plus point for an Instagram fan like me.) Please create a Facebook page if you haven’t.

note:  just beware of spam, it’s as annoying as spam mail  

 What do you think? 

2) Google+ (2011)

What is it? Facebook’s most successful copycat Social Networking site

What does it do? Whatever Facebook can do, and probably more

Marketing Opportunities:
– A product of Google, the king of search engine on the internet. People use Google, they see Google+, it’s hard to miss.
– Wide user outreach (link)

mrsiew’s verdict:

Truth to be told, the only time i tried my hand on Google+ I gave up trying. It’s not fair to give a judgement based on what I hear from people, hence I’m giving it a question mark.

What do you think? 

3) Friendster (2002)


What is it? One of the first (and coolest) social networking site in the early 2000s until it became not-so-cool anymore.

Is it still around? It ended its existence on 31 May 2011

Marketing Opportunities:
– Friendster has now transformed into a social gaming platform, and probably earns through in-game purchases etc.

mrsiew’s verdict

I’m sorry but things just didn’t work out. Oh well, it still serves as a good case study on how internet companies should not be too complacent, and should grab opportunities like the Google offer of $30million to purchase Friendster! (link)

What do you think?

4) Twitter (2006)

What is it? A MICRO-blogging social networking site. (sort of like sending an SMS to the whole world) Also invented the HASHTAG# (technically, it’s this guy: link)

How to tweet? Write about absolutely anything under 140 characters. Also allowed to post pictures or even videos. Follow your friends and you can either “reply”, “retweet” or “favourite” their tweets.

Marketing Opportunities:
– Trending function allows marketeers to see what’s trending currently
– Quick and easy way to connect with audiences (140 characters, how long can that take!)
– See (link)

mrsiew’s verdict:

Also appeared in the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s new song, G.U.Y (touch me, touch me, don’t be sweet. love me, love me, please retweet), who also happen to have 41.2 million followers. Not all my friends have twitter, but I really like it.

What do you think? 

5) LinkedIn


What is it? A Facebook for professionals (literally, “no nonsense” corporate professionals). “Friends” are called “Connections”, is it true that you have no real friends in the Business world?

What do people do on LinkedIn? Put up your CV, your skills, hobbies etc. Companies can also set up their business profiles

Marketing Opportunities:
You’ll probably want to hire your next best marketeer on LinkedIn, because if he/she isn’t on it, it’s likely that he/she isn’t savvy enough.

mrsiew’s verdict:
It’s a really powerful tool to build business connections. It’s probably where all the money are. Promotion wise, you probably don’t have to spend too much time on it, since people don’t really look at deals and discounts on LinkedIn. And no,in is not  li with a mustache.

Note: People are probably 100x more judgmental on LinkedIn than on Facebook, so please beware of what you post on it.

What do you think? 

6) MySpace (2003)


What is it? Before Facebook happened, Myspace was one of the biggest and coolest social networking sites other than Friendster. However, with the introduction of Facebook, Myspace was literally phased out.

Marketing Opportunities
– Myspace still retains a special place in people’s heart
– It is currently revamped into a forward-looking site (that scrolls sideways instead of verticallt) with a newsfeed on mainly pop culture, music and entertainment.

mrsiew’s verdict

Truth to be told, I just signed up for it for the purpose of this entry. People like being entertained, and I think they tried to tap on the entertainment business as a way of attracting users. Although it has a cool and unique layout now, it’s not so intuitive to use. And entertainment wise, I can easily find songs and videos on YouTube, hence I doubt that it would be the best digital marketing platform to use. Still sign up for it though, for the cool side-scrolling effect.

What do you think? 

7) Instagram (2010)


What is it? Started off as a photo sharing app where users share photos that are restricted to a square size in a specific dimension. It has filters that make your normal looking photos prettier instantly. Double tap on any photo you like to give it a heart (like)

Marketing Opportunities:
– Ah, finally a place for pictures to shine (ever since people started ignoring all sorts of flyers and brochures)
– It’s cool, it’s hip, it’s the perfect place to connect with youngsters.
– Also, millions of users (link)

mrsiew’s verdict

It’s my ULTIMATE favourite social media platform. I’ve even started an “a photo a day” project on it just for fun. It’s a platform for hipsters that are too cool to be on Facebook (but guess what, it’s owned by Facebook). Who doesn’t like to just scroll through photos and photos without thinking so much.

Note: Stay away from Instagram if you are terrified of selfies.

What do you think? 

8) Pinterest (2009)


What is it? “Pin-ing” whatever that’s of “Interest” to you, hence “Pinterest”

How to use Pinterest? It’s a little more complicated but interesting (and really cool) nevertheless. You set up a feel “boards” accoridng to things you like, for example “Home Decor” or “Digital marketing” etc. Then you start uploading pictures of whatever inspires you, according to the board. You can do so by either uploading an image, re-pin an image from somebody else, or even download this really cool chrome extension (only for chrome users, sadly)
Go to any website and once you see an image of interest, press the Pin button, and it appears on your board (amazing, isn’t it?).

Marketing Opportunities
– 80% of users are ladies (link)
– See: Uniqlo (link), Kotex (video)

mrsiew’s verdict:

I personally love it, probably because I am also a graphic designer, and it’s a great place to find inspiration. But it is also a great platform for companies to reach out to their female segment.

Note: you’ll probably need to hire a graphic designer to create nice images, before your pinterest becomes a disaster. 

What do you think?

9) YouTube (2005)

What is it? Say goodbye to TVs, we have YouTube.

Marketing Opportunities:
– People love being entertained, and videos are one of the best form of entertainment
– It has become one of the main ad revenue generating sites for Google (yes it belongs to Google as well)

mrsiew’s verdict

Going viral has become a buzzword in the marketing sphere. But there’s no real “formula” to viral videos. They vary from a no-budget home video to million-dollar productions. But whatever it is, people can’t resist sharing them. For more about viral marketing, visit

What do you think?

That concludes my verdict on some of the social media sites. Leave a comment to let me know what you think!


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