INFOGRAPHICS: H&M David Beckham Bodywear Campaign

David Beckham digital marketing inforgraphic mrsiew

This is a project for our class BC3403, where we were to come up with an interesting infographic to report on a company’s digital marketing campaign. H&M was chosen because of their various successes in reaching out to consumers and we though it’d be interesting to find out what are some of the technologies they have employed in their marketing efforts.

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So my project group mates decided to come up with a viral video, which is totally apt for this class!

I had the honour and a great time to help film this video, which was a funny experience because the I only had one battery and no charger so we had to film it before my camera died. (thankfully we got it all down)

Props to pingming for producing the video!

Enjoy the video!

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#SELFIE Parody